Protect your investment with Security+Plus Prepaid Maintenance

Service you can trust
Whether you purchased or leased your Nissan, the convenience of a prepaid maintenance plan means no out-of-pocket costs for covered services performed at your selling Nissan dealer or any participating Nissan dealer across the US.

Protection against inflation
Lock in lower costs by pre-paying for maintenance

Genuine Nissan Parts*
Engineered to keep your vehicle at peak performance, only Genuine Nissan parts are used to maintain your vehicle’s reliability and value

Advanced Diagnostic Equipment
Specially designed for Nissan vehicles, available at our nationwide network of Nissan dealers

Factory-trained Technicians
Nissan technicians can identify potential problems during regular maintenance that other service facilities might miss


Protects your warranty coverage
As a condition of your Nissan warranty, you are responsible for properly maintaining your vehicle and maintenance records.

Protects your investment
Properly maintained vehicles with reliable documentation earn a higher resale value

Protects the environment
A well-maintained vehicle consumes less fuel and has lower emissions

Protects against rising fuel costs
Regular maintenance helps your vehicle run at its peak efficiency

Protects your Peace of Mind
With dozens of options, choose the Prepaid Maintenance  Plan that best suits your particular need


Your New or Pre-Owned Nissan’s performance, longevity and resale value is better protected when your Nissan is well maintained. Proper maintenance is also a requirement of warranty coverage and lease agreements. Help protect your newly purchased or leased Nissan with the following benefits:

Convenience – Plans are honored at all participating Nissan dealers in the United States and your vehicle’s maintenance records are kept on file, verifying factory warranty repair requirements

Factory-Trained Technicians – Know your Nissan best, and can identify potential problems during regular maintenance that other service providers might miss

Genuine Nissan Parts* – To help maintain your vehicle’s reliability and value, Genuine Nissan or Nissan-approved parts are utilized

Enhanced Resale Value – Properly maintained vehicles typically offer higher resale value

Price Protection – Prepayment of maintenance ensures that you’re protected from future parts and service price increases

Affordable Flexibility – With a variety of time and mileage options and a range of service plans, you can choose the Prepaid Maintenance Plan that suits you and your driving habits best

Environmentally Conscious – A properly maintained vehicle emits fewer VOCs and achieves better gas mileage

Intelligent – Follows the factory recommended maintenance schedule in the Nissan Service & Maintenance Guide included with the Owner’s Manual and the Warranty Information Booklet in your glove box

Transferable** – If you sell your Nissan, the plan is transferable to the new owner, thereby helping to boost resale value



Nissan Prepaid Maintenance Plans
– All plans are $0 deductible

Scheduled Maintenance Plan
The Scheduled Maintenance Plan is a Warranty Compliance Program for New Nissan vehicles. Included services and inspections were developed to closely follow those outlined in the Owner’s Manual for the term of the plan purchased and can be purchased within the first 6 months/7,500 miles of your new vehicles original warranty start date.

Services include:
– Oil & filter, brake fluid, engine air filter and in-cabin microfilter changes, plus tire rotations† at the specified intervals

Additional benefits include:
– Car Rental Allowance
– Tire Road Hazard Protection‡
– While being serviced technicians also perform up to 16 inspections of vital systems including: brakes, fuel, steering, axle and suspension, exhaust, and transmission fluid

Basic Maintenance Plans
Oil Change Only, Basic and Basic+Plus plans for New and Pre-Owned Nissan Vehicles. Can be sold at any time.

Services include:
Oil Change Only: oil & filter changes
Basic: oil & filter changes, plus tire rotation†
Basic+Plus: same services as Basic, plus up to 12 covered inspections and Tire Road Hazard Protection‡

Additional Benefits

Tire Road Hazard Protection‡
Gives you added coverage beyond your tire manufacturer’s warranty for damage caused by potholes, nails, glass and other roadway debris.
Includes $0 deductible protection for flat tire repairs, up to $35 per tire and pro-rated replacement of your vehicle’s original four tires, to a maximum of $250/tire

Car Rental Allowance
Nissan will pay for a one-day car rental up to $35 while your car is being serviced. Available at 30,000-mile intervals


* Replacement of any part will be made with a new or remanufactured Genuine Nissan or Nissan-approved replacement part in use at the time of repair. The replacement part may differ from the original part.

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