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Tire Repair Near Me

You deserve to have reliable rubber meeting the road when you’re driving around Bloomfield, Montclair and Clifton. Tires may not get much thought until there’s a problem with them, but it’s important to get reliable service when they need repairs.

When you’re in need of tire repair near Bloomfield, NJ, check out the service center at Lynnes Nissan City.

Tire Issues

A common tire problem is when they’re not inflated properly. This could be caused by your pressure being low or leaking air from driving over a sharp object like a nail. Some ways to tell if your tires are underinflated are to:

  • Look and see if they appear flatter or show any signs of bulging unevenly.
  • Feel each tire to see if any one of them is softer than the others.
  • Check the air pressure.
  • See if your car pulls to one side while driving or feels like it’s vibrating.

If you notice any of these issues, look to see if there’s a hole or a nail still stuck in it. If you notice the problem in time, we’ll be able to repair it for you, so you won’t have to buy new tires.

Tire Repair

In our tire center, we’ll be able to get you back out there with four good wheels again. Our team will determine the best way to fix your tires then patch or plug them for you.

You can also stop by for regular tire rotations to keep up with your routine maintenance. If it turns out you need new tires, we can also replace them for you.

Our Service Center

At Lynnes Nissan City, we have a team of service technicians who can handle all your tire, maintenance and service needs for drivers in Bloomfield, Montclair and Clifton. You can even order new tires online or contact us the next time you’re looking for tire repair near Bloomfield, NJ.