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Automatic Transmission Service

Nissan Automatic Transmission Service


Nissan Auto transmission service

What an Automatic Transmission Service Covers

In most cases, automatic transmission service is a matter of flushing out the old fluid and replacing it with new while also conducting a thorough inspection to determine if any damage has begun to occur causing the gears to slip. It isn’t a process which often happens, transmissions are designed and expected to last a long time, but most manufacturers recommend the fluid be changed somewhere between 60,000 to 100,000 miles. That number can change, however, depending on how the car is driven and local conditions. Someone who drives in high traffic areas or tows a trailer regularly will likely need transmission service long before someone who drives carefully and avoids stop and go traffic.


What Symptoms Suggest Transmission Service Is Needed

When discussing symptoms, it’s important to remember it is better to conduct transmission service before symptoms arise, as a fluid change and inspection is much less expensive than having to repair the noticeable problems lack of maintenance can and will cause. With that said, once the transmission seems to be slipping between gears, has a hard time going into certain gears, or makes grinding and squealing noises like bad brakes it is certainly time to see a mechanic before the symptoms get worse.

Problems with Not Servicing the Transmission

The transmission is as important to the vehicle’s daily use as the engine and drive train in that eventually the car won’t drive if the transmission doesn’t work. Before it gets to that point, however, a transmission which isn’t running properly can make the car not only uncomfortable to drive but unsafe as well. The car can be jumpy when changing gears or not change at the proper RPM, leading to an unsafe distraction for the driver while also putting more stress than intended on the car’s other components. Even worse is that it can get to the point where the car won’t go into either first gear or reverse when parked, depending on whether it is facing uphill or downhill. There can be other varied problems such as a wobble at certain speeds or worn out brakes because the transmission isn’t properly downshifting.

Hiring an Authorized Dealership Mechanic

It’s important with transmission service to discuss the issue with an authorized dealership technician. They are trained to understand the requirements of a specific make and model of vehicle, and have access to the appropriate parts for the service. At Lynn’s Nissan City in Bloomfield, NJ, we offer full service and maintenance for your car.

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Dealership Amenities:

Lynnes Nissan City Dealership in Bloomfield, NJ
Lynnes Nissan City Dealership in Bloomfield, NJ
Lynnes Nissan City Dealership in Bloomfield, NJ
Lynnes Nissan City Dealership in Bloomfield, NJ
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