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Try a Microbrewery near Montclair NJ!


Craft beer has been booming in recent years, and here in the Montclair area, there are some great breweries making fresh, delicious brews of all styles. Grab some friends or take your co-workers to a happy hour at one of these microbreweries near Montclair, NJ!

Brix City Brewing

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MIcrobrewery near Montclair, NJConstantly pushing the envelope with unique and boldly styled beers, each brew made by Brix City Brewing uses high-quality ingredients, producing intense flavor profiles. Creating beers across different styles from IPAs, sours, stouts, and everything in between, Brix City takes pride in the full-flavored beers they create.

They have juicy offerings like their Strawberry Jam double IPA that is brewed with strawberry puree along with the creamy texture of lactose and vanilla. More roasted, rich flavors can be found in their Porter Authority that is a porter brewed with roasted chocolate and caramel malts. They also have more subtle, but still flavorful, beers like their Just Another IPA and Cheap Labor Pale Ale.

Cricket Hill Brewery

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Microwbrewery near Montclair, NJIn the world of craft beer, Cricket Hill is one of the veterans. Established in 2001, Cricket Hill is one of the original breweries in the state of New Jersey. Their success is due in part to the balanced, tasty beer they make using the finest ingredients.

When you stop by their tasting room, you can enjoy one of their 12 beers they have on tap from Year-Round offerings like their East Coast Lager to seasonal brews like their Jersey Summer Breakfast Ale.

You can also try the more exclusive beers they may have on draft. Their Bourbon Barrel Aged Barleywine Ale, a part of their Reserve Series, has a rich caramel flavor, pairing nicely with the notes of oak and bourbon that come from the aging process.

Magnify Brewing

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Microwbrewery near Montclair, NJCraft-beer enthusiasts continue to gather at Magnify Brewing and for good reason. The beers that Magnify make are full of refreshing flavor and continue to be some of the best around! You are likely to always find their flagship beers like the Vine Shine IPA with its classic piney hop character and their extremely drinkable Low Visibility Pale Ale.

They also rotate among a variety of other exceptional beers they make. A refreshing tartness is found in their Heavy Dreemz sour IPA that is also conditioned on mangos. If you like hoppy, juicy beer, they constantly make great-tasting IPAs like their Gooey and Peak of Ripeness. Unique twists combining a variety of flavors can be found in their beer, like in their French Toast breakfast IPA.

You’ll Be Hoppy After a Visit to One of These Breweries!

Head on out to one of these microbreweries near Montclair, NJ, and enjoy a few drafts of finely crafted beer!