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Best Chocolates in Bloomfield NJ

Best Chocolates in Bloomfield NJ Whether you are looking to treat yourself or find that perfect gift to give, you can’t go wrong with the chocolates that are made at Dayton Homemade Chocolates & Gift Baskets!

This family-owned and operated shop has been serving the community of Bloomfield, NJ, and surrounding areas with some of the best chocolate around since 1912.

All Things Chocolate

When the sweet tooth is craving some chocolate, you will want to stop on by Dayton Homemade Chocolates & Gift Baskets. Beyond classic favorites like their peanut butter cups and chocolate-covered pretzels, you will find a variety of unique and delicious treats all with the common theme of chocolate of course!

Best Chocolates in Bloomfield NJAnything you can think of dipping in chocolate, Dayton Homemade Chocolates & Gift Baskets has probably already done it! Their top seller is their chocolate-covered crackers, which go perfectly with a cup of coffee or tea.

They even coat a range of other food in chocolate, from cranberries and raisins to graham crackers and Oreos. Mixing sweet with salty, you can get their chocolate-covered cashews, peanuts, or almonds. You’ll even enjoy the crunchy bite of their Almond Butter Krunch toffee that is coated with chocolate then rolled in almond bits.

Among their chocolates, they also have an assortment of sugar-free options as well so everyone can enjoy the mouthwatering chocolates at Dayton Homemade Chocolates & Gift Baskets!

Chocolates for Every Occasion

Also, they have holiday-themed chocolates that make for a great gift for the family. Fill your kid’s Easter basket with one of their solid milk chocolate bunnies or a peanut butter-filled egg.

Best Chocolates in Bloomfield NJ This Mother’s Day, instead of getting mom just plain, old roses you can surprise her with chocolate roses! On Halloween, you can even hand out their milk chocolate foiled leaves to trick or treaters.

Then when Valentine’s Day comes around, nothing will say “I love you” quite like an assortment of gourmet truffles. Your special someone will enjoy these truffles, which come in a variety of flavors like strawberry cheesecake, coconut, and vanilla tiramisu.

Whatever holiday or special occasion you are celebrating, stop by Dayton Homemade Chocolates & Gift Baskets and give the gift of chocolate!

Come Try Some of the Best Chocolates in Bloomfield NJ

Stop on by Dayton Homemade Chocolates & Gift Baskets today. Be warned though, you will want to try everything they have in their shop once you get a look at all of their chocolates!

You can also shop online on their website, which is helpful if you want to send a friend or family member some of their amazing chocolates.